Cold Water Storage Tank Replacement


Cold Water Storage Tank Replacement

Cold Water Storage Tank
27 Litre

Cold Water Storage Tank
150 Litre

Cold Water Storage Tank
230 Litre

Your cold water storage tank is intended to supply you with the amount of water required for your hot water cylinder, showers/baths and sinks (excluding kitchen sink).

Why replace your Cold Water Storage Tank?

Older houses may have  galvanised-steel tanks installed which will eventually corrode over time. These older tanks pose a flood risk to your home and are recommended to be upgraded to a modern polythene water storage tank.  Also if you have recently had an extra shower or bathroom installed into your home you may need to upgrade the size of your existing cold water storage tank to ensure you have sufficient water supply.

There are various sizes of cold water storage tanks to choose from. Our heating & plumbing experts will be happy to advise you on the best solution for your home.

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Cold Water Storage Tank Cost

At Churchfield Home Services we only offer our customers the best quality fittings and service. We offer a range of cold water storage tanks with capacities to suit a variety of requirements. In addition to this we can supply and fit compatible lids and insulation jackets to ensure your cold water tank stays contamination free and is insulated during the cold, frosty weather.

We supply a full range of cold water storage tanks for you to choose from.

Prices start from €189, including installation.

100% Quality Guaranteed

Improving your home can represent a substantial investment. Our expert team will give you peace of mind, with a top quality heating installation.