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Attic Insulation is a simple yet effective method of insulating your home. With up to 30% of your house heat escaping through the roof of your home, attic insulation acts as a barrier, preventing the heat from escaping and therefore keeping your home warmer and more comfortable.

The optimum depth of attic insulation is 300mm. It is strongly advised that you top-up your attic insulation to reach this optimum level to ensure your home retains as much heat as possible. Installing attic insulation usually takes up to half a day and the occupants can remain in the house as works are being carried out.


Installation Process

  • All storage is removed from the attic space.
  • All spotlights are covered
  • Insulated walkboard is then laid as required
  • Water tank, over flow, expansion tank and pipework are insulated
  • Ventillation is then installed as required
  • Quilt insulation is rolled out between the joists and on top of the joists
  • Attic access is insulated
  • All waste is removed and belongings are reinstated in your attic space
  • A full quality audit is carried out to ensure the Churchfield high standard is met

Pitched Roof with loft Space

We use a mineral wool, quilt insulation called Earthwool. The quilt insulation is laid inbetween the joists and over the joists to minimise heat loss. Insulated walk board is then placed on top to give you safe walking access from your hatch to your water storage tanks. Extra insulated walkboard can also be used for storage purposes.

Pitched Roof with Loft Conversion

To effectively insulate a converted attic space, a variety of insulation is used depending on what is most suitable for the space you have available. This includes; quilt insulation, EPS, loose fill insulation such as cellulose and also warmboard. Our expert surveyors will advise you on the best methods for insulation your converted attic.

Flat Roof

The most effective way to insulate a flat roof is above the roof deck where the insulated boarding is placed on top of the timber joists. The insulation can be either between the roof deck and weatherproof covering (known as the sandwich method), or on top of the weatherproof covering (known as the inverted method). Our surveyors will advise you on the best method of insulating your flat roof.

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Breakdown of Grants & Incentives Available

As SEAI Registered Contractors and also an official Electric Ireland Energy Efficiency Partner, Churchfield Home Services can allow you to avail of substantial grants and incentives for attic insulation.

Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) is rewarding Churchfield Customers for increasing the energy efficiency of their homes with a cash grant of up to €300 for attic insulation. In addition to this Electric Ireland are also rewarding their customers who have works carried out by us, Energy Efficiency Credits up to €104.

Our Range of Insulation Solutions

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Is the most beneficial way to insulate solid or hollow block walls with minimal disruption to the house.

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Internal Wall Insulation

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Cavity Wall Insulation

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Attic Insulation

Cost effective and efficient method of improving the heat retention of your home with minimal disruption to the house.

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Spray Foam Insulation

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Flat Roof Insulation

Is the bost beneficial way to insulate solid or hollow block walls with minimal disruption to the house.

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