Churchfield Partnership Program


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We have developed a unique Service Partnership Program that provides smaller independent insulation and heating tradesmen and with an entire suite of business support services that will:

Greatly reduce your overheads
Enhance efficiency
Increase your profitability

This Partnership Program has been designed to give tradesmen all the tools and resources they need, ensuring every aspect of business is efficiently managed. Allowing tradesmen to focus on completeing a high quality job.

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Approved Churchfield Service Partners Will…

Be given access to the Q-Smart Quality Management System, our state of the art customer software. The first of it’s kind, this quality management system can efficiently manage every aspect of business from any smart phone device.

This efficient software will generate:

Initial customer quotation
Material orders
Risk assessments
Method statements
Quality forms

This coupled with an entire suite of professional business solutions including centralised procurement, centralised marketing, centralised sales, centralised customer service which will enable service partners to be faster, more efficient and provide our customers with the highest quality services in the market time and time again.

Highest Quality Guaranteed

Quality assurance is key to everything we do and that is why we audit 100% of our installations to ensure our quality standards are adhered to at all times and are also committed to continually improving every aspect of how we deliver our services so we can continuously remain ahead of our competition. All of our customers will receive a detailed copy of all of your warranties within 14days of you installation being completed.

Our high standard of quality is maintained using Q-Smart Quality Management System, a state of the art technology coupled with a comprehensive suite of support services providing our surveyors with complete traceability from first call to our final inspection.

Certified & Registered Contractors

100% Quality Guaranteed

Improving your home can represent a substantial investment. Our expert team will give you peace of mind, with a top quality heating installation.