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Insulated Window Sills


Over Sills for External Wall Insulation


An over sill is used in conjunction with external wall insulation projects. They are fitted in replacement of the original concrete sill and projects approx 60mm beyond the face of the newly installed external wall insulation.



Aluminum Window Sills


Insulated-window-sill-thumbnail-imageChoose from our range of aluminium, powder coated window sills supplied by Alupress.


Alupress manufacture aluminium window sills to a wide range of profiles to suit different windows systems. They are available up to 4000mm long with welded end caps, welded upstands and corner units. They can be powder coated to the complete range of RAL and BS colours.


All aluminium sills come complete with fully welded end caps and upstands at the reveals giving a finished look similar to the previous concrete sills. 




Polymer Resin Window Sills


polymer-window-sill-thumbnail-imagePolymer resin sills give a similar look and feel to a concrete sill but with good flexibility capabilities. Supplied by Retrofit Sills, the polymer resin gives a category I impact resistance with low thermal conductivity (0.021 w/mk) which leads to reduced thermal bridging.


Polymer resin sills come in a range of finishes and can be painted to suit the exterior of your home.



Insulated Window Sills


Insulated GRC Window Sills


Insulated GRC overcills are the best solution for your home to reduce thermal bridging. Supplied by Intext Mouldings the overcills are formed with a mortar coating over EPS insulated board, the window sills have great flexibilty and insulation capabilities. 


They look & feel just like a concrete sill. Suited to all types of dwellings, these window sills can be painted to suit the exterior of your home.








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