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Powerwall Manufacturer Details


Powerwall, also known as Enewall have been manufacturing and designing products and systems for the construction industry for over 25 years, Powerwall’s expert knowledge lies within three key areas, render, external wall insulation and steel framing systems.


Powerwall’s external wall insulation systems comprises of easy to apply renders and leading makes and types of high quality insulation to conserve energy and restrict heat loss. Powerwall are the first in the UK to receive a 60 year life expectancy from the BBA.





Powerwall/Enewall's manufacturing and trade site is located in Scotland, UK. With stockists spanning across the UK and one in Ireland.


Enewall: 4 Netherton Road, Wishaw, ML2 0EQ, UK.





Powerwall Systems


Powerwall offer a full range of External Wall Insulation renders & aggregates as well as 3 External Insulation Systems to suit all homeowners needs.



Powerwall-lightweight-insulation Powerwall-high-impact-insulation

Light-Weight Insulation

High-Impact Insulation

 Powerwall's System 3 is a light weight insulation system designed for use with modern acrylic renders. This system can be applied to virtually any substrate from masonry to calicum silicate board due to its extremely light weight build.

Powerwall's System 2 is a heavy weight insulation system designed for use in areas of high impact. The system can be completed using a wide range of finishes from wet dash to acrylic.




 Mid-Weight Insulation 

 High-Impact with Honeycomb

Powerwall's System 1 is a mid-weight insulation system, predominently used with a dry-dash finish. This system can be used in both refurbishment of existing buildings or in new build projects. 

 Using Powerwall's unique Honeycomb panel, individually bonded to the insulation board, Powerwall's System 4 was developed. Delivering a high impact resistance.


Powerwall  Guarantee


All Powerwall external wall insulation systems are BBA approved and when applied to Enewall's BBA specifications are given a life expectancy in excess of 30 years, with their renders and aggregates a higher life expectancy of 60 years.


When applied to an Enewall specifications, Powerwall/Enewall offers its clients a variety of life expectancy, product and systems guarantees.





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