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Hot Water Cylinder Replacement Benefits

Save-icon Save money on your energy bills
happy-customer-icon Keep your water hot for longer
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Coppercraft Hot Water Cylinder


Coppercraft manufacture open vented copper cylinders for the domestic hot water storage in a variety of sizes and patterns. Coppercraft cylinders are specially designed to heat up quickly and to retain their heat for long periods. Cylinders supplied with 35mm or 50mm environmentally-friendly foam lagging for low standing heat loss.



Coppercraft Product Range


  • Indirect Hot Water Cylinder
  • Indirect Dual Coil Cylinder
  • Direct Hot Water Cylinder
  • Indirect -Part L Cylinder
  • Centurion Eco Solar


Why Choose Churchfield Home Services?

why choose churchfield home services?


At Churchfield Home Services we are fully trained, registered and certified to carry out hot water cylinder replacements at very competitive prices. All our work is fully guaranteed with:


  • Fully trained and qualified heating & plumbing experts including RGI Registered plumbers.
  • SEAI approved installers for the Better Energy Homes Scheme
  • Electric Ireland Partner to enable you to avail of further incentives
  • Quick & efficient installation 


We pride ourselves on offering excellent service, peace of mind and value for money.



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Standard Copper Cylinder 120L

> 120L




Hot Water Cylinder Replacement

A low cost yet effective way to keep your hot water, heated for longer periods, saving you money on your energy bills.

Standard Copper Cylinder 144L

> 144L




Gledhill Hot Water Cylinder

Envirofoam Indirect Hot Water Cylinder


Start from €653

100% Quality Guaranteed

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Improving your home can represent a substantial investment. Our expert plumbers will give you peace of mind, with a top quality heating installation.

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