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Why choose the nest heating controls?


Save-icon Reduce your heating bills
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The nest has saved over 4 billion kWh of energy in millions of homes worldwide since 2011.The nest uses artificial intelligence to programme itself to your preferred temperatures.It has the ability to turn itself down when you’re away. It even learns how your home warms up or how draughty it is, so it only uses the energy it needs. 


The nest also allows you to control your heating and hot water, from your smartphone using the nest App while also turning itself down when your'e away which leads to reduced energy bills and more comfortable home.


Nest Thermostat

Nest is an American based company who have their labratories based in California however sell their products worldwide.







Nest Features


The nest boasts a huge range of features which benefit your home these include:


Nest Heat LinkNest Heat Link


nest Heat Link They works with your boiler to control the temperature of your home. The Heat Link can connect to your boiler wirelessly or with existing thermostat wires. Then it communicates with the nest Thermostat to turn on and off, or modulate the heat.



Nest Auto AwayNest Auto-Away


With Auto-Away, the nest can spot when you have left the house, so it automatically turns down the heating to save energy.




Nest-Thermostat-FarsightNest Farsight


Farsight allows the nest to spot when you enter the room, so it will light up stylishly to show you the temperature youve set or the time.




Nest App Heating ControlsNest App


With the nest app, you can control your nest thermostat from your smartphone. Simply connect your thermostat to Wi-Fi, you can control it from anywhere. Adjust the temperature and hot water from the app and the nest  reflects this at home.



Nest Warranty


The Nest Thermostat product warranty is active for a 2 year period.


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