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Cavity Wall Insulation

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Save up to 30% on your energy bills
Increase comfort of your home

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Cavity Insulation Benefits

Save-icon Save 30% on energy bills
happy-customer-icon Increase comfort in your home
Save-icon Save €560 with Insulation Grants
BER Rating Icon Increase your BER Rating

Cavity Wall Insulation


Cavity wall insulation is an effective and efficient method of insulating your home, reducing heat loss through your walls by up to 30%. Cavity insulation is a layer of insulation which is pumped into the cavity of your walls and acts as a barrier, preventing the heat from escaping which leads to a more comfortable home and also lower heating bills.


Installing cavity insulation usually takes up to half a day and the occupants can remain in the house as works are being carried out. 


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Installation Process:


Wall Insulation Types

Cavity Wall Insulation - Cavity Insulation

Cavity Wall


Cavity walls are built using 2 layers of bricks and/or blocks leaving a gap (cavity) inbetween. A cavity is typically 50-60mm wide and can be identified by:

  • Drilling small inspection holes in the mortar joints
  • Measuring depth of wall around a window (if 300mm+ means there is a high chance it is a cavity wall).
  • Inspect an exisiting vent to see if there are any physical
    signs of a cavity.


Cavity Wall Insulation - Solid Block

Solid Block Wall


Solid block walls are made mainly of 1 brick or stone and have no gap inbetween layers. Solid block walls are typically 220-225mm thick. This type of wall cannot be pumped with cavity insulation and require either internal or external insulation to reach the desired heat retention.





Cavity Wall Insulation - Hollow Block

Hollow Block Wall


Hollow blocks are blocks with gaps/hollows in the middle and are approximately 18 inches long by 9 inches wide and 9 inches high. This type of wall cannot be pumped with cavity insulation and require either internal or external insulation to reach the desired heat retention.



Cavity Wall Insulation Cost


Cavity wall insulation is an affordable insulation solution for your home. The price of the cavity insulation installation varies depending on the criteria of your house. However there are significant insulation grants available from SEAI and Electric Ireland to allow you to make big savings. 


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Cavity Wall Insulation Grants


As SEAI Registered Contrators and also an official Electric Ireland Energy Efficiency Partner, Churchfield Home Services can allow you to avail of substantial grants and incentives for cavity insulation.


Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) is rewarding Churchfield Customers for increasing the energy efficiency of their homes with a cash grant of up to €300 for cavity insulation. In addition to this Electric Ireland are also rewarding their customers who have works carried out by us, Energy Efficiency Credits up to €260.


Breakdown of Grants & Incentives Available
  BER Rating BER Rating

 Grants Available














Total Savings:


 Total Savings:



Why choose Churchfield for your Cavity Insulation?




At Churchfield Home Services we are fully trained, registered and certified to install cavity insulation at very competitive prices. All our work is fully guaranteed with:


  • Fully trained and qualified insulation installers
  • SEAI approved installers for the Better Energy Homes Scheme
  • Electric Ireland Partner to enable you to avail of further incentives
  • Quick & efficient installation 


We pride ourselves on offering excellent service, peace of mind and value for money.




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