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Deep Retrofit Programme

Churchfield Home Services in collaboration with SEAI are giving homeowners up to 50% funding for upgrading houses to an A3 rating.

As housing continues to pose significant energy efficiency challenges in Ireland, SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland) have created the Deep Retrofit Pilot Programme to tackle it.

This programme aims to investigate the challenges and opportunities of deep retrofit which will help increase the efficiency of older homes, to reach the level of those built to current standards.

Deep Retrofitting involves a substantial upgrade of a building so that it moves towards zero energy requirements or a significant reduction in the energy required within a building. Deep retrofitting looks at the entire building and a tailored solution is designed for each property which considers all aspects such as building fabric, air tightness, ventilation and renewable energy sources.

Funding Available

The National Mitigation Plan commits a total of €21.2m between 2017 and 2019 with an initial €5 million in 2017 to support this pilot.

The SEAI have commited to funding up to 50% of the total capital costs and project management costs combined and will provide funding to projects which demonstrate an integrated, comprehensive strategy for significantly improving home energy performance.

In Addition

The SEAI have commited to funding up to 95% for voluntary housing association homes and the homes of those that are in energy poverty (based on the Warmer Homes Scheme eligibility criteria). These are unbelievable funding amounts which are massive opportunities for home owners to improve their homes like never before.

Who Can Apply

Homeowners & organisations such as community groups, local authorities, energy agencies and other organisations.

Some of the criteria that each project must meet, as set out by SEAI to ensure that the Programme is effective, are as follows:

The house must have been built prior to 2007
The BER must be C3 or lower (i.e. D1, D2 etc.)
Projects must be approached in a ‘Fabric First’ fashion
There must be an element of renewable energy included
A pre-works and post-works BER must be conducted
A pre-works and post-works Air Tightness Test must also be carried out

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