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Attic Insulation - FAQ's


Why is attic insulation important?


Your attic is a major area of heat loss in your house, up to 30% of the energy used to heat a house is lost through the roof. Attic Insulation is a must for everyone, attic insulation provides you with the best investment for your money. You can insulate your attic relatively cheaply and is very effective at reducing your energy bills. Attic Insulation is a quick, cheap way to improve the energy efficiency of your home, call Churchfield Home Services today to discuss your requirements.



What is Attic Insulation?


Loft Insulation is man-made mineral fibre in a roll form. Often referred to as “Quilt” the material generally used is made from silica sand, creating a wool-type product also known as glass wool. Old style loft insulation was known to be itchy, but modern insulation has been re-designed to be soft to touch and virtually non-itchy. Regardless though, it will be delivered into your loft sealed inside a plastic package.


How long does Attic Insulation last?


Providing the material is left undisturbed, it is maintenance free and should last indefinitely.

What happens to items stored within the loft space?


You must ensure that items stored within the loft space are removed prior to our crews arriving. Small items such as Christmas trees and suitcases will be moved within the loft by our crews, but our technicians are not able to move either general or large amounts of items.  Please ask if you are unsure.

What happens to stored items after the installation?


We must stress that once we have finished, the joists will not be visible and we recommend that you do not access the loft without the use of crawling boards and only still if you are aware of the exact position of the joists. We do not recommend replacing stored items due to this risk. However, if you do wish to replace items, then the joists should be raised and boarding placed for stored items.

Do I need to provide anything?


No, our installation teams provide all of their own equipment including lights and ladders.

What is the procedure regarding boarded areas?


Boarded areas will need to be removed prior to the date of installation. If you do not wish to remove the boarded area but wish to proceed with the installation, standard industry best practice is for the insulation to be laid over the boards.

How is loft insulation installed?


Our technician will arrive on the agreed date in a vehicle distinctively sign written as Churchfield Home Services. The technician will be wearing our Churchfield Home Services uniform, but we request that you remember to ask to see their identification.

The material will be in sealed bags, which will be carried into your loft and opened within the loft space. The insulation will be laid between and across the joists. The loft hatch will also be insulated. We must stress that once we have finished, the joists will not be visible and we recommend that you do not access the loft without the use of crawling boards and only still if you are aware of the exact position of the joists.


My attic is floored, can I still insulate it?


If you have existing flooring in your attic, we can place insulated walk board over this flooring.

How long does it take to install loft insulation?


The installation should take between 1-2 hours to complete.

Does it create much mess?


No. It is possible that a small amount of dust may fall from the loft hatch but this will be cleared by the crew and all packaging will be removed from your home.

Do I need to remove the old Attic Insulation?


No, there is no need to remove the old insulation as it still has some insulation properties left. You should however top this insulation up to the 300mm (12 inches) required by the current building guidelines.

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