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Zoned Heating Controls - FAQ's


What is Zoned Heating Controls?


Zoned Heating Controls is simply a system where each room in your house or building is treated as an individual heating zone. This means that each room will have its own unique temperature.


Installing multi zones allows you to control the temperatures in each room, so you can set the system to suit your daily needs. Therefore, you only heat the rooms you need, when you need them to be heated.



Is zoned heating expensive?


It can cost anything from as little as €700 but with SEAI grants available up to €400 and Energy Partner Credits of up to €296 on top of that the home owner will only have a bill of €519.

It may be a case of simply fitting motorised valves and rewiring the system or it may require a certain amount of replumbing. Our surveyors are happy to call to your home and give you an accurate quote.


How long will the Zoned Heating process take?


For one plumber the process can take 2 days


Is it more suitable for bigger houses?


Zoned heating can benefit both large and smaller properties. All houses by regulation must have a separate Zone/ Circuit for Heating, domestic hot water and a second zone for space heating.


The temperature in the main living areas are then controlled by an electrical thermostat placed in the main living area of the house and is usually set at approximately 21Degrees C.


A third zone can be created by fitting thermostatically controlled radiator valves (TRV’s) on the radiators in the Bedrooms which will then allow you to adjust the temperature back to 18 Degrees or whatever other temperature is desired.  We generally refer to this as “Two and a half Zones”


Sometimes a full 3 Zone split can be achieved by Fully separating the Living area and sleeping area circuits, allowing full time and temperature control over both areas.

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