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Solar Installation - FAQ's


How Solar Hot Water Works?


A solar hot water system simply put turns light into heat, the energy generated from the light heats up the water for use in your home. Even on a cloudy day our Solar panels can collect heat, as they only require daylight to function.


We recommend that you use the 'Evacuated Tube' solar panels for their ability to operate in colder and duller days. The provide heat over a wider spread of the season giving you more heat in winter.


Is it suitable for my home?


Solar Hot Water systems can be installed on the majority of buildings either directly on a pitched roof or on frames if your roof is flat. However, they do require a roof that ideally faces south, south east or south west, as long as no other buildings or large trees overshadow it. If the roof is in shadow for parts of the day, the output of the system can decrease.


  • Solar panels are suitable for all types of roof –pitched, flat or curved. The greater the surface area available the better the heating potential.
  • Solar panels may not be suitable if your roof already has any penetrations in it. E.g. roof windows.
  • Solar panels work with most, but not all, boiler systems. This will need to be checked in the initial survey. 


Do I have to do anything before the installation?


No, apart from seeking approval from your local planning authority.


Do the installers have to come into the house?


The technicians must have access to your roof and to your existing hot water cylinder, inside the property, which will be replaced.


Is there much mess?


No, dust sheets will be laid throughout the house to minimise any dust or debris, and our technicians will thoroughly clear up before they leave.


How long will it take to install the Solar Hot Water system?


A typical installation should take between one and two days to complete. Work will take place both inside and outside the property in this time with the installation of the panels onto your roof, and also the installation of a pump station, hot water cylinder and appropriate pipe work.


However, work could be delayed due to inclement weather. We will endeavour to keep to our schedule where possible but will keep you informed of any changes.


Do I need to provide anything?


You will need to ensure that there is an electrical fused spur in the vicinity of the hot water cylinder location.


What is the lifespan of the system?


Solar Hot Water Systems will typically last 10 – 25+ years, depending on manufacturer.


Is the system guaranteed?


All our products come with manufacturer guarantees; the panels are guaranteed for 5 to 20 years and ancillary components from 1 – 3 years depending on manufacturer. In addition to the manufacturer’s backed guarantee, which covers the equipment, you will receive a guarantee for the installation from REIGA (Renewable Energy Installation Guarantee Agency). This is an independent guarantee which is valid for a period of 10 years and is applied for by us on your behalf. It will be sent to you direct from REIGA and can take up to 8 weeks from installation to be delivered. (REIGA is non-profit distributing; its only function is to stand as guarantor for the promises set out in the guarantee. It has the resources to meet the promises made in the guarantee.) For further information see


Are there any maintenance or servicing requirements?


Very little. A monthly visual check is advisable ensuring that the panels are kept relatively clean and that shade from trees or other obstructions has not become a problem.  It is also advised that the integrity of the glycol within the system be checked and tested every 2-3 years. Churchfield Home Services have a range of service packages available. More details can be provided on request.


Is the work checked/tested?


Your system will be fully tested before we leave.


What is the cost of installing a typical Solar Hot Water system?


Prices for Solar Hot Water Systems vary depending on size to be installed, product manufacturer and the nature of the actual building on which a system is mounted. The size of the system is dictated by the hot water usage requirements and domestic hot water storage capacity.

Most domestic systems usually include 2 – 3 solar panels with a 200-300 litre domestic hot water cylinder. These systems will typically cost between €3,500 – €6,000.


How can I get the best out of the system?


In order to obtain maximum benefit from a Solar Hot Water system, continue using your domestic hot water as normal. The technicians will optimise the operation of the Solar Hot Water system at commissioning. During the months of the year when additional heating is necessary, ensure that this is set to come on towards the end of the day.  This will allow the Solar Hot Water system to put as much heat into the domestic hot water cylinder as possible and minimise any other panel requirements.


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