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External Wall Insulation - FAQ's


How External Insulation Works


External Wall Installation involves the fixing of insulation panels to the external face of the external walls using bonding mortars and fixings.


Once the external insulation panels have been fitted they are then covered with a specialist render base coat which is reinforced with mesh before a final coat of an acrylic finish is applied.


This acrylic finish which is the final layor of the External Insulation is available in over 140 different

colours or for thoes that may prefer, a more traditional look of a brick or a dash finish this is available also.



Will my house look the same after the work has been finished?


External Wall Insulation systems come in a whole range of colours, textures and finishes, designed to suit the majority of building designs and client requirements (samples of swatches and aggregate finishes). You can view a range of external wall finishes we supply here.


How durable is it?


All systems are designed to have sufficient resistance for areas where general wear and tear, impact is expected. Additional security can be specified for areas requiring high impact resistance. However, where, damage is sustained, through accident or vandalism, replacement and repair is easily achieved.


What warranties are offered for the system?


The systems are covered by a manufacturer’s 10 year warranty relating to labour and materials, however extensions may be applied for which may carry an associated cost.


Is External Wall Insulation environmentally friendly?


All Churchfield Home Services approved systems are manufactured and independently audited in accordance with ISO14001 Environmental Management Standard. External Wall Insulation systems incorporate insulation materials that are CFC and HCFC-free.


By nature of the thermal upgrade EWI significantly reduces pollution and improves environment locally, as well as globally.  Churchfield Home Services only offers External Systems which achieve zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP).


How will external insulation be installed on my house?


The system will be installed in a number of key stages. All the external fittings will be removed or redirected,
the insulation slabs may have an adhesive and/or a mechanical fixing, followed by the applications of a render system to provide protection and a decorative finish. Upon completion, all external fittings are then repositioned.


How long will it take to install external insulation?


EWI is an extensive refurbishment programme of the property and often carried out in conjunction with other works on the property, i.e. facia and soffit, rainwater goods. Therefore the time spent on site can be significant compared to traditional insulation measures. Based on an average sized dwelling a typical install time will be around 9 to 10 days on site over a period of 3 to 4 weeks to include for drying times, replacement of any attachments, etc.


What decorative finishes are available?


A wide choice of colour texture and styles are available including brick effect finishes.


Will there be any disruption to the tenant?


Whilst work is ongoing on the properties, disruption to the tenant will be minimal. However as part of the
installation process drilling and mixing machines will be in use whilst work progresses. Ongoing liaison with the tenant will continue throughout the programme.


What quality checks are undertaken?


Churchfield Home Services prides itself on quality installations and EWI is no exception. In fact the number of installation trades and complicated detailing on any one project means regular management and quality assurance. Checks on site is vital for a successful project.


Churchfield Home Services implements rigorous and regular on-site quality assurance procedures in conjunction with the system manufacturer to ensure successful handover to the client/tenant is achieved.


How is the system maintained?


All of the systems are designed to be virtually maintenance-free and self-cleaning. As with good normal building maintenance, checks are required on movement joints, rainwater pipes etc and general building maintenance is advised to ensure the longevity and performance of the system.


Is there any grants available for external insulation?


Yes, Grant Funding is available (subject to application conditions). Find out more at SEAI, Electric Ireland and HRI.


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